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A Deprivation Sensorial Tank in Southwest India

People will always be more attentive to the signs that comprehend their perceptive selection. If one is more into photography, the attention will be easily awakened when before stunning landscapes, expressive faces or all visual contexts that can result in a good shot. If one is more into gastronomy, the smell of the morning dosas coming from the food trucks will possibly awaken something special and increase the appetite. If one is into spirituality, things like yoga, meditation, reiki and other kinds of healing will be the focus, especially when being in India. And that’s my case.

As my focus of life is screaming for mindfulness and self improvement, I couldn’t stay indifferent to the signs all around Hampi, announcing a deprivation sensorial tank, with very good benefits at the physical healing and meditation level, allowing you to reach a higher state of calmness and peaceful relaxation, as well as better sleep, stress alleviation, motivation increasing and anxiety control.

I was about to call the number inscribed on the flyer when an Indian guy on a scooter stopped in front of me and asked me if I already knew about his deprivation sensorial tank. I suddenly had the thought in my mind that “India is always bestowing us with what we look for”. This very special way of advertising a business is actually much more worthy because I could see all of my doubts being answered right away.

When I entered the house of Baba and Zainab, I was immediately shown to the tank. I saw myself surprised for being in a dark room with no windows, where a white bath resembling a spatial nave was disposed. A blue artificial light was coming from inside the tank, already filled with the salty water, and I immediately thought of the word “claustrophobia”, which proves how our minds are trapped into concepts, words, prejudices, in a way that we end up being conditioned by fear.

But I wanted badly to try and the beautiful young couple, Baba and Zainab, did a great job for trying to make me see the importance of letting myself go on that process of quietness and no gravity, without predicting anything. It took me one minute to find my confidence again and start enjoying that moment to the fullest. Was an incredible ‘trip’, mainly because I experienced the most perfect, comfortable and suitable position that my body have ever tried before.

Floating above the water, with no gravity and where any external sensation would disturb me, made me reconnect to my essence, in a way that allowed me to reach a different state of consciousness.

The first five minutes started with a very relaxing music and the blue light on. I cried like a baby in pain, and it felt incredibly good, especially because in this kind of journey we don’t find a proper moment of privacy so often, where we can relieve everything without being watched. So I cried, letting it go, everything. Then, when the light went off and the music stopped, I had a very special encounter with myself.

If you have in mind trying the float void therapy, then don’t think twice. It is super powerful and, again, what makes it so special is the possibility of floating with the lack of gravity and without receiving any stimulus from the external world.

It takes 45 minutes, but as time itself loses the borders and becomes meaningless, you don’t even realise it passing by. It’s just ‘you’ observing ‘yourself’ from a higher and powerful perspective.

I abandoned the tank feeling like a little fleeing bird. Light, harmonious and happy. And that’s why I think you should try. As you can only find three tanks in the entire India, if you come to Hampi you should give a call to Baba, enjoy this opportunity of relaxing and meditating on a deprivation sensorial tank and indulge yourself with a sweet chai tea made by Zanaib, after the session.

By Margarida Pimenta

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