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No Name Free Community

What? A free spirit hostel/ community, a home away from home to all thinkers, travelers, artists, readers, writers, backpackers and freedom seekers 

When? The first check-in has taken place on the 5th October 2016

Where? Keri, 8 km North of Arambol, Goa, Índia

Who? Everybody makes part of the project, regardless nation, religion, gender or any other thing

Why? The idea of being a free hostel where it is possible to gather different people from all around the globe, with something to share, exchange, give.


The reason why I am posting an article about the No Name Free Hostel is exactly because I also feel a no name entity, free, happy and without the need of having an ‘identity’ or a status. And thus I share it with you.

Elissa is a tall, charismatic French woman, with a gentle smile always ready to warm your mornings and Ankit (Kit is how everyone calls him) is a deep-soul guy, naturally from Delhi, that, together with Alfy, decided to start materializing a very meaningful dream.

Money was never a major concern to set off with the project, since the most essential thing has always been there: the belief on the essence, the vision and the meaning behind.

While I am writing this article, I find myself in the middle of these beautiful people and I observe how in 5 months this authentic social hub has grown and evolved so fast. And, you know, nature combined with creativity just make places like this being built from scratch in a very impressive way.

No Name free hostel was an idea arising from the conviction that we are all human beings whose power and skills can be much more positively taken to an end, if we co-create.

Quoting them «This free hostel came from the dream of creating a free spirit community, a home away from home to all thinkers, travelers, artists, readers, writers, backpackers and freedom seekers, a home for all beings who enjoy living together».

A small piece of land was everything the couple and friend needed to make it into the life-changing free hostel for everyone to be, to get inspired, share and exchange.

From the moment they decided to move ahead with the idea, 4 days were how much they needed to clear out minds and put forces into action, being the first official check-in on the 5th October 2016.

«The No Name Free Hostel has two dorms with 10 beds each one, one being free of charge and the other one not really», said Kit when I just got here. The fact is that most part of the people I have been talking to are not giving money at all, but art, presence and inspiration.

What means the effort has being done in a way that can make it as free as possible, so the criteria is based on the time of stay, level of involvement and work/ contribution.

Furthermore, the hostel has some private rooms, «where we normally host our Indian friends from Delhi», Kit says, while we wander along the small perimeter with inspiring pieces of art spread out, hanging on the trees or at the reception balcony.

Quotes, paintings, sketches and poems are the content that mainly fill the walls, as a result of the artistic willingness and freedom from the volunteers and friends.

The very ending of the year was time when the trio managing the hostel gathered forces and opened the Cafe that now supports the No Name free hostel residents, providing them with very nice food.

The menu has very delicious and cheap snacks that go from wraps, nachos and rice dishes to fresh fruit juices and homemade teas. The community food is not based on local Indian cuisine only, since the idea is to be open to other different cultures from all around the World. Volunteers interested in cooking are also welcome to combine their skills with the kitchen responsible crew.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, at a very low price, being the main idea to bring people together and put people in interaction with each other, instead of making them leave the place to eat outside.

Some volunteers, depending on the hours of work, but especially the dedication and effort, are provided with free meals, beyond the free accommodation itself, what is always attractive to the majority part of residents.

On the same building where the Cafe is, there is a massage studio started by Ruslan, where residents but mainly people from outside come enjoy different kinds of massage and other therapies. Volunteers with massage or other body treatment skills are allowed to use the studio for their own treatments, always based on donation. Tiago is the current volunteer, specialized in osteopathy and doing massages that not only will make you feel extremely well and relaxed, but that will also treat you and heal injury and relieve pain.

While I put these words into the blog, your curiosity for the No Name Free hostel must be growing inside of you. You know, there is only one way to find it out: come to Goa, spend some time around, get involved, connect with people, share your dreams and ideas and enjoy as much as you can. Even the rules have not a specific name. It comes from the heart, and everything is truly supported by the notion that «creative minds perform, think and transform better together».

And so it grows, and so people evolve, and so dreams come true… No Name dreams from No Name dreamers.

If we want to make sure we give important steps to support projects like these, first thing is to help them growing. Please, be generous to the No Name Free community, by funding the project in

By Margarida Pimenta

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