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Comfort… out of the comfort zone

When we leave the comfort zone that refers to our beautiful house, with a cozy bed to sleep every night, a hot shower shower on cold mornings, a fridge to keep food fresh, gas to cook or just the amazing fact that we have a couch to lie down watching documentaries with a cup of tea on the knee, we know where we are moving onto and we know that it is a choice to look for other kind of things that are not found on these physical and material aspects of quotidian. 

How many of us missing that cooked meal where we know what we are eating, or the decent shower where we don’t need the small basket to rinse anymore, or a different combination apart from the set of 3 shirts and 2 pairs of paints, and especially the very intimate and sincere hug of our family and friends?

Yes, this is true to all, no matter what. But imagine that we had all of those guarantees and the comfort out on the road? It wouldn’t be the same school and it wouldn’t have the same impact. And that’s the magic.

In the moment I write this post, I am recovering from a water poisoning, four days inside of a small room listening to the storm and I know that there’s nothing I can be if not patient and positive and there’s nothing I can do if not wait and observe what’s going on. The fact is that I don’t feel alone or lonely or sad or worried or anything bad.

I actually feel comfortable on my new room, I just moved to this village in the Indian Himalayas, where I started a course on Ayurveda, which means basically that I am starting a new routine out of my own routine, where a little bit of comfort will be enjoyed. I mean, I am still in India, by myself, without expectations and any solid convictions, (and especially I am sick) but I just made this little room close to a waterfall my next house for the whole month, and I am delving into a scholar context again, with 7 women that will be the same women everyday of the month. And the teacher, whose big eyes and childish smile tease directly on the heart, is an Indian Doctor with lots of passion for teaching this Indian ancient science of life (Ayurveda).

So, it is possible to create our personal comfort zones even being away of home, even being so far off from the place we believe to be our base. Relationships are so important, be it at the personal or social level, be it with a lover, a sister, a friend or a teacher. They are soul feeders, they are our motor of interaction, they boost ourselves, our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts and simply our will of getting out of the bed every single day.

So, why not reconsidering stopping for a while and having the opportunity to deepen a bit more the culture and the people of a specific place and also give space for us to blossom on a quieter environment? Hoping from north to south and jumping from country to country can be rewarding but there’s no such thing as being in contact with one place in a more profound way – that’s the real meaning of travelling and acculturation.

In fact, I never thought about a good time of returning back home and, more than that, I never thought if I will be one day ready to return to the base again. Why? Because I don’t need physical proximity to understand the love that exists between me and my family and friends and because I was actually able to find my comfort inside of my own body and mind, since the very first beginning. But this is maybe just the result of fever hallucination. Maybe tomorrow I see it clearer… maybe not (laughter).

Hope that you can all find it comfortable and harmonious, be it at home, be it away from home, be it alone, be it with your soul mate. Just let it be… comfortable, peaceful and harmonious. Universe will be thankful to that.

So, in summary, what are the PROS and CONS of getting more deeply connected to a place?


  • Deepening the culture
  • Stronger connections with the people
  • Opportunity to see things more clear and to rest body and mind
  • Chance to create a healthy routine of any activity that suits ust
  • Saving money on food and transportation
  • Exploring the place to the fullest, getting to know it better than locals do
  • Making a good circle of friends that can be for life
  • Challenging ourselves differently, eg, “I have one month to improve myself in guitar or to be able to do that yoga asana that I never thought I could do”


  • We “miss” other places for being longer in just one place
  • We are not stimulated on the same way
  • Adventure gives place to steadiness and routine
  • We can get bored of being so many days on the same place

By Margarida Pimenta

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