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15 truths about ourselves we discover along the way

What is it to be a writer? What is it to be a blogger? And what is it to be a photographer? What does it mean to be part of this generation where people have the mission of capturing reality with their very personal lens in order to tell it to others? Did I mention responsibility? Yes, that’s the word. We are responsible for an important field of society and we are susceptible of being misunderstood. That’s why I always told myself: “if you want to write, first you need to put all those fears aside”.

This little introduction serves as a reminder that my blog is not my blog but our blog, since it wouldn’t exist if not for its readers: you. But, as I am still the only content creator, the only observer and seeker, this reflects my vision and how I see the world. In a vast world like this, with so many different things happening and at such a rapid pace, we will always be selecting things as they mean something or as they awaken something on us. 

As quoted by Henry Miller and posted before on my Instagram account, «one’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things», meaning that even if I am writing something that concerns my experience in India, it is more than that: it reflects the personal development and the evolution that occurs to all of us, no matter where we are, where we are coming from and where we aim to be.

Here is the list of those 15 important things we get to know along the way:

  1. The need for being patient and not rushing things

  2. The capacity of listening to understand, rather than listening to reply

  3. The maturity to see that everyone comes from the same origin and goes to the same destination

  4. The capacity to share the silence, even without thinking of it as a phenomenon

  5. The gratitude for little things such as a shower, a meal, a person with good advices or the sun shining outside

  6. The willingness to be open to other people and to be open to everything that comes around, without expectations

  7. The capacity to accept that things are not always under our control and that we need to surrender, to let go

  8. The incorporation of impermanence as the greatest truth

  9. The need for being self-confident, strong and disembarrassed

  10. The ability to merge into the present moment as the only opportunity to be, do or attain something

  11. The necessity of thinking for ourselves, recycling opinions and breaking the prejudice habit 

  12. The notion that Mother Nature is to be respected, preserved and beloved above all things

  13. The incorporation of the three basic needs: good sleep, healthy food, positive people around

  14. The capacity to know that solitude is one thing and loneliness is another

  15. The need for saying “no” and for trusting the gut feeling 

I just bought a book on the introduction of «Ayurveda, The Science of Self-healing» , written by Dr. Vasant Led, and I felt like sharing with you the way he dedicates the book: «Dedicated to Mother, Father, Satguru-Hambir Baba and Dear Pappu, who taught me about life, love, compassion, simplicity and humility». Isn’t it beautiful and so genuine?

By Margarida Pimenta

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