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Why Fear can’t make us give up on our dreams

A word with four letters. A primitive feeling. A universal manifestation.

It takes our breath away. It stops us of going beyond. It makes us feel paralyzed.

And makes us being mesmerized.


It hides the sunshine away.

And gives the sky dull tons of grey.









There’s no such thing one could say.

To take this dense barrier away.


Because it is created on our mind,

and can only be liberated by our mind, too.


We feel fragile and uncappable,

We stay blind and unable to find the doorway.



 Until the day…

We learn how to embrace the feeling

And how to nurture it as we do with our body,

Fear is part of simply being,

Isn’t it so with everybody?











Why would we say “no” to desire?

Why would we give up on our dream?

Why wouldn’t we come closer to fire?

Why wouldn’t we let ourselves go in the stream?



The key is not living without it,

But see it as part of the Whole.

Fear exists since forever,

And has always played an important role.


So today I even talk to mine,

And look how it just comes and goes.

I try to know that everything is fine,

I keep my chin up, smile and that’s how it flows.



Let’s all to the same. Let’s all try to understand the fear and not blame it constantly. Without it, we wouldn’t be as perfect as we are.



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