Costa Rica Life Changing

How to make it happen?

We always paint a different scenery. We always see the solution there. We always feel our openness to new stimulus as the medicine to the evil of our boring, institutional lives. And thus, we leave… and thus, we live…

“Two months doing yoga in the most energetic vortex of Costa Rica? Yes, what a great beginning of the new year”, I thought.


In times like these, where the opportunities are way more than doubts and fears, the “Ocean” can be so vast, we see ourselves being pulled to all directions. North, South, East and West were all so attractive to me I realised the problem was the eagerness for seeing the whole World.

Was exactly this lack of orientation that made me enter the platform and get through hosts from all around the globe.

I sent dozens of messages to hosts owning places close to the beach, with a core business being surf, yoga, mindfulness and health.

I was then looking forward to hear from one place (just one!) available to host a smiley girl, that was hankering after a completely new life experience.

The introduction of my messages would always be: «Dear all, I am a Portuguese young lady (23) aiming to travel around, moving out of the comfort zone and delving into a different cultural reality».

I knew somehow it was going to happen, so I closed my computer, took a deep breath and went for a walk on the cliffs, scenting the smell of the fruit trees in fusion with the sea breeze of the Atlantic. I walked so speedy, my mind stopped for a moment.

I was amazed with my own birthplace and especially with the way my sensitiveness would allow me to experience things like that. I was listening to one of my favourite albums from Thievery Corporation, “The Mirror Conspiracy”. “Indra” was playing in that moment, touching my soul so deeply I almost cried.

Two days later, I got a message from Avani, this beautiful American girl managing a yoga hostel in Costa Rica, saying I was welcome from the 1st February. My contentment was like a crawling snake all over my body. A new chapter was just about to start.

It all started to make sense. I was not as confused as before. I could finally shift my attention to a specific place in the globe. I could even start looking to the food most eaten, the expressions most used, the places most worthy to see. I smiled sincerely and learned 3 main things:

  • Changing is being able to recognise why we are unpleased with the situation;
  • Putting intention in the will involves daily dedication, effort and faith;
  • Having low expectations and being open-minded will align us with the flow of the Universe.

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