Why do I love my birthplace?

I wake up with a sudden will of opening the window and allow the bird symphony to bestow me right away in the morning.

I feel blessed for it, the blue tile birds playing in the midst of the shrubs have the best melody ever
and I forget about any other thing.

Sky is often wide blue and sun shines predominantly, no matter the season of year. And that is the most inspirational aspect of living in the South of Portugal, a privileged geographical position where the warmth of the sun makes us wholehearted and blissful every day.

Flowers are the natural essences we get to smell when leaving the house to go for a walk.

Whether going to work, the market or to the beach, it is perfectly fine to choose my feet as my only vehicle.

Me and friends & family share the same gratefulness for living in such a paradise as this. My friends are not only locals but also foreigners, some of them were born here but have both parents as foreigners, family is both from South and from Lisbon (the capital).

No matter what, we all share the same opinion that we belong to one of the most enchanting places of this earth.

It is not that some of us don’t leave it to move abroad temporarily, that we don’t feel like setting off on different adventures, that we don’t feel tired of the same people or get bored in the winter time, but living here is the best guaranteed home, is the most spectacular territory to be settled in.

Small town, with a historic weight enchanting the most curious ones, stunning beaches surrounding the city centre in the incredible involvement of rocks and caves called “Golden Coast”, affable people open to the coming of the foreigners from all around, a young generation craving for good waves on the ocean or just for a place in the sun where to get inspired right away in the morning.



Seagulls are the number one sound to make me think where are my roots, where do I come from. They scream and shout, craving for the fish freshly caught in the morning or simply announcing us how bad is the storm out there in the sea.

The smell of fat sardines coming from neighbour’s backyards and the wild Southeast wind agitating the whole set of palm trees, bringing a humid mantle of morning mystery, are all part of my livingness around here.

Lagos bay is embraced by the magic of city, as the ideal symbiosis of nature in human’s creation. 

If you hanker after a trip to Southeast Europe, then Portugal is a must visit. Of course, once there, you want to head the South and get to know Lagos, «the ancient Portuguese window to the world».



Top Things that makes it perfect:

  • Gorgeous Beaches and landscapes – “Dona Ana” beach has been considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the world
  • Best Food and wine ever – “Mediterranean Diet” as Intangible heritage of Unesco
  • Clime – More than 300 days of sun per year
  • Security – Portugal is the 5th safest country of the world
  • Sports – suitable for all kind of likes (aquatic, terrestrial, aerial)
  • History and Culture – Portugal is 837 years old and from Lagos have departed the most important vessels in the context of the maritime discoveries
  • Cost of Life – You find very nice meals from 8€ and a bed on a shared dorm can cost you around 10€
  • People – Affable, funny and open to the coming of foreigners
  • Vibe – It is a special vortex of energy that makes it hard to leave
  • Animation and nightlife – All kinds of pubs, bars and discos, suitable to all likes



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