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How can we travel without actually travelling?

I would like to open this article with three statements:

1) there is a shift in consciousness taking place within this ‘new age’ generation;

2) although we suffer more from other invisible things, we live in the most privileged time and realm;

3) we should be able, as stated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, to balance the human being and the spiritual being we simultaneously are.

Although I always have a clear message behind my writings which I intend you to apprehend and take with you, it is possible that one subject branches out into other themes. Plus, I never say a word to you; I am saying to both you and me, as we are one. I am recognizing myself on what I say. And that’s growth and consciousness.

Nowadays, how many times do you come across with words such as ‘consciousness’, ‘mindfulness’, ‘awareness’, ‘wellbeing’, ‘meditation’, ‘transformation’, ‘yoga’, ‘presence’, ‘divinity’, ‘healing’? What are the best sellers? And what are the themes of conversation within the groups, communities, travelers, even big corporations? Eckart Tolle, the well-known western guru, creator of the movement “power of now” has recently visited the main office in the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, where he had the amazing opportunity to explore what is behind the minds making it work and what are the predominant values and visions of such a corporation as Google (watch it here). “Living with meaning, purpose and wisdom in the digital era” says everything about the need for interwoven both realities. On one side, the system we are part of, the working force and creativity we should contribute with as part of this society; on the other hand, the need for being loyal to our divine and natural Existence.

I bet there are a bunch of you struggling to find the balance between these two forces. Me, myself, on my own skin, felt the calling to renounce to everything and just Be. I felt much more drawn to monasteries/ ashrams/ circles where people have a superior level of consciousness and meditate regularly throughout the day, and that’s why my journey across India was so special. I experienced this side which can feel so comfortable and appealing, where the goodness of humanity seems to reign, as well as silence, compassion, resolution and the strong meaning behind all this. But that was not enough.

I knew that I needed to come back to my life and being able to live in a ‘normal’ context, with the sense of integration, sociability, watering my relationships and leaving my mark in this society. To find the balance, I struggled like hell and I even faced a dark period. But the sun came when I started, slowly, realizing the true nature lies inside, no matter the environment and the people we are surrounded by, the context and the reality we are delved into.

There are ways, there really are ways of taking the most out of this experience called life, specially in times like this, where mindfulness is so present in every context, where people are keen to make a change and to look inside themselves, to seek the answers from within. Things are changing for the best, and we are rising our strong, energetic forces as ever before. Once we do the good, then the good will be generating more good, even to the evilest people, and that’s when transformation occurs.



How can you forget that there are ways of:

  • Waking up and doing breathe work to clear your negativity away?
  • That you can grab your mattress and do some postures for stress reduction and also try to meditate and feel the oneness?
  • That you can call a friend and ask him for a massage exchange and for an afternoon walk on the beach?
  • That you can leave pride behind and hug a relative and tell him how much you love him?
  • That you can go to a book store and buy a bunch of second hand books on spirituality?
  • That you can take one hour of your day to download songs, mantras, speeches and ted-x talks that will inspire you?
  • That you can gather dance circles which are revolutionizing the notion of movement medicine through corporal expression?
  • That you can write a letter to a person who have hurt you a lot in the past, burning it into ashes and throwing it into the ocean?
  • That you can make yourself part of volunteering associations helping children, rescuing animals or just cleaning/ building public places that will be born for a major cause?
  • That you can knock at the door of an old lady living a lonely life and asking her about her youth and her past stories?
  • That you can just lay down the time is necessary for you to reconnect with your highest Self, even if you think ‘they’ are waiting for you, ‘they’ are judging you for your absence?
  • That you can put love above everything in this life, even if you see war, hatred and greed?
  • That you can choose not turning the TV on, not creating more trash, not contributing for harsh and divisive speech, not eating unhealthy food, not intoxicating your body and not nurturing your mind with bad information?

Have you wondered how many things you can do, starting from now on, to better your life and, by consequence, the lives of all around you? Have you? Can I ask you for five minutes of your time to think about it? Can you go back into your day and reflect on if what you have done had any positive impact in your life and in the Universal life?

It’s difficult to stay where we once were trying to escape from because we wanted to see more and to gather with more like-minded, conscious people. But it’s even more difficult to keep on going and then realizing all we wanted was the peace from within. Escaping is not a solution. Acceptance and surrendering are. We can change a lot within the micro-system we live in. We can transform our lives to the fullest. We just need to have this focused mind and this wholehearted motivation. Faith is always within. It will always be.

So, you understand now, why I called it “How can we travel without actually travelling?”. Because we can. We can stay and travel. We can accept and take a lot from it. We can enjoy it so much. Life is so incredibly good. Let’s gather together, for some minutes, travelling into the fields of piece and serenity, where love is the only religion.




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